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Table of Contents

Collaborative Decision Making Processes

Paper No. 1: Interorganizational Coordination and Safety: Operator Manufacturer Relationships in the High Speed Railway Industry, Nikhil Bugalia, Yu Maemura, and Kazumasa Ozawa

Conflict Resolution

Paper No. 2: A Scientometric Analysis of the Graph Model for Conflict Resolution from 1987 to 2020, Maisa M. Silva, Thiago Poleto, Thárcylla R.N. Clemente, Ana Paula Gusmão, and Ana Paula C.S. Costa

Paper No. 3: Optimism Pessimism Stability in the Graph Model for Conflict Resolution, Emerson R. Sabino and Leandro C. Rêgo

Paper No. 4: Credible Opponent Maximinh Stability in the Graph Model for Conflict Resolution, Leandro C. Rêgo, Giannini I.A. Vieira, and D. Marc Kilgour

Paper No. 5: Support for Third Party Mediation Based on Ordinal Preference in GMCR, Zixin Wu, D. Marc Kilgour, and Haiyan Xu

Paper No. 6: Dual Principal Agent Incentive Mechanism of Irrigation Efficiency Paradox in Arid Area, Linna Zhang and Gang Liu

Paper No. 7: Dynamic Based Graph Model for Conflict Resolution: Systems Thinking Adaptation to Solve Real World Conflicts, Mohsen Shahbaznezhadfard, Saied Yousefi, Keith W. Hipel, and Tarek Hegazy

Paper No. 8: Optimal Manipulation of Preferences in the Graph Model for Conflict Resolution, Hugo Victor Silva, Leandro Chaves Rêgo, and Carlos Diego Rodrigues

Paper No. 9: Study on Trade Conflict of Fastener Products Between China and EU Based on Graph Model for Conflict Resolution, Jing Yu, Yu Zhu, and Min Zhao

Paper No. 10: A Guide Support System for Volunteer Guides of Inbound Tourists in Japan Using Collaborative Filtering, Masahiro Okazaki, Yuki Ohira, Kei Fukuyama, Masashi Kuwano, and Akira Ishii

Paper No. 11: Analysis of a Conflict Over an Aggregate Mining Permit Application in Canada, Simone L. Philpot and Keith W. Hipel

Paper No. 12: Modelling the Conflict over Responsibilities for Climate Change, Yasser T. Matbouli, D. Marc Kilgour, and Keith W. Hipel

Paper No. 13: Addressing Potential Conflicts in the Water–Energy–Food Nexus, Yi Xiao, Gang Liu, and Huimin Wang

Paper No. 14: A Multiple Participant–Multiple Criteria Framework for Public Sector Organizational Value–Setting, Colin Williams and Liping Fang

Paper No. 15: Modeling Resource Allocation for the Achievement of Sustainable Development Goals, Byomkesh Talukder, Simone Philpot, and Keith W. Hipel

Paper No. 16: A Refinement of Sequential Stability for n–DM Conflict within Graph Model, Ziming Zhu, D. Marc Kilgour, and Keith W. Hipel

General Topics

Paper No. 17: Design of Small Group Discussion Using the Framework of Business Process Management: The Case of Japanese Participatory Planning Process, Madoka Chosokabe, Keishi Tanimoto, and Satoshi Tsuchiya

Paper No. 18: Multiple Criteria Consensus and Negotiation Models for Distributed Blockchains: Smart Contracting for the Information Age, Andrej Bregar

Paper No. 19: On Reducing Sequence Effects in Competitions, Y. Gerchak and E. Khmelnitsky

Paper No. 20: Negotiators’ Motivation Influences Their Preparation for Negotiations, Ewa Roszkowska, Gregory E. Kersten, and Tomasz Wachowicz

Paper No. 21: A Proposed Model for Supplier Selection and Order Allocation Based on QFD and an Optimization Model, Saman Hassanzadeh Amin and Samiul Islam

Intelligent Group Decision Making and Consensus Process

Paper No. 22: Innovation Development: Review and Estimation of Heterogeneity, Alexey Myachin

Paper No. 23: The 2–Rank Multiple Attribute Decision Making with Axiomatic Design, Siqi Wu, Yucheng Dong, and Haiming Liang

Paper No. 24: Strategic Experts’ Weight Manipulation in 2-Rank Group Decision Making, Yating Liu, Yucheng Dong, and Hengjie Zhang

Paper No. 25: Study on the Crowdsource Delivery Tasks and Resources Matching Based on Prospect Theory in Hesitant Fuzzy Language Environment, Xin Feng, Yongting Zhang, Bowen Zhang, and Nishan Chen

Paper No. 26: Consensus Reaching for Social Network Group Decision Making with Interval Fuzzy Preference Relations: A Bounded Confidence–Based Approach, Zhen Zhang, Yuan Gao, and Wen–Yu Yu

Negotiation Support Systems and Studies (NS3)

Paper No. 27: A Deep Learning Approach to Prepare Participants for Negotiations by Recognizing Emotions with Voice Analysis, Jonas Maier, Daniel Schlechte, Marc Fernandes, and Andreas Theissler

Paper No. 28: Mediation Support with Mediation Expert Systems and Robotic Tele–presence, Lin Adrian, Daniel Druckman, Michael Filzmoser, Malene Flensborg Damholdt, Sabine T. Koeszegi, Nicolas Navarro Guerrero, Johanna Seibt, Catharina V. Smedegaard, Christina Vestergaard, and Oliver Quick

Paper No. 29: The Impact of Digital Negotiation Preparation Tools on Negotiation Behavior and Outcome, Markus Voeth, Michael Oryl, Uta Herbst, and Carsten Stork

Paper No. 30: Computers as Co–Negotiators –– An Empirical Analysis of the Effects of Negotiation Agents–Assistants on Negotiation Behavior and Outcomes, Niklas F. Bronnert and Markus Voeth

Paper No. 31: The Influence of Avatar on Subjective and Objective Outcomes of Human–Computer Negotiations, Yushan Liu, Rustam Vahidov, and Raafat Saade

Paper No. 32: Information Disclosure in Online Contract Negotiations, Bo Yu, Gregory E. Kersten, and Rustam Vahidov

Preference Modeling for Group Decision and Negotiation

Paper No. 33: How to Combine the Explicit Participation of Multiple Stakeholders and Multiple Decision Makers with Mulicriteria Decision Aiding in Life–Cycle–Assessment–Results Interpretation, João Clímaco and Sarah Ben Amor

Paper No. 34: A Multidimensional Risk Analysis of Water Allocation, Marcella Maia Urtiga, Thalles Garcez, and Danielle Costa Morais

Paper No. 35: Using a Refined Utility Function for Predicting Sequential Group Decision Making Within a Heterogeneous Case Solving Process, Marcelo Rodrigo da Silva, Dmitry Gimon, and Alexandre Bevilacque Leoneti

Paper No. 36: Smart Sourcing with Smart Contracts: A Document–Driven Approach, Shikui Wu and Xintao Liu

Paper No. 37: Systems, Procedures and Voting Rules in Context: A Primer for Voting Rule Selection –– A Short Description, Adiel Teixeira de Almeida, Danielle Costa Morais, and Hannu Nurmi

Risk Evaluation and Negotiation Strategies

Paper No. 38: Multi–Objective Robust Optimization for Index Tracking Portfolio Selection Problem, Saeed Tasouji Hassanpour, Ginger Y. Ke, and Shahin Ordikhani

Paper No. 39: Credit Risk Evaluation in Agricultural Supply Chain Finance: The Fuzzy PROMETHEE Methods with Prospect Theory, Xiuzhi Sang and Xianyu Yu

Paper No. 40: A Robust Emergency Risk Mitigation Approach for Hazardous Materials with Disruptions, Ginger Y. Ke, Jiana Lu, and James H. Bookbinder

Paper No. 41: A Time Sensitive Graph Model Affected by Culture for International Climate Negotiation, Shawei He, Silex Shakya, and Ekaterina Flegentova

Paper No. 42: Conflict Resolution Under Power Asymmetry in the Graph Model, Haiyan Xu, Bismark Appiah Addae, and Ruonan Wei

Doctoral Consortium

Paper No. 43: The Economic Impact of the Smart Contracts Using Blockchain Technologies, Elmira Mohammadhosseini Fadafan

Paper No. 44: Cauvery River Dispute: A Wickedly Complex Problem, Ajar Sharma, Vanessa Schweizer, and Keith W. Hipel