1) Conference papers Awards – NOT APPLIED IN 2020


2) Society Award – Group Decision and Negotiation Section Award


We are seeking nominations for the 2020 Group Decision and Negotiation Section Award.

The GDN INFORMS Section Award honors an individual who has made outstanding contributions to research in the field of Group Decision and Negotiation and/or outstanding contributions to the GDN Section. The contributions justifying the award may be recent or they may have been made over the recipient’s lifetime.  The Award will be accompanied by a Citation, to be prepared by the Section Award Committee, describing the recipient’s contributions to Group Decision and Negotiation. The previous recipients of this Award can be seen in this link (GDN Award Recipients).

The 2020 GDN Section Award is scheduled to be presented during the GDN conference dinner in Toronto, in June 2020. The Award Recipient will be invited to give a keynote at the conference.

Nominations should explain why the nominee is deserving of the GDN Section Award, specifying exceptional research contributions to the field of Group Decision and Negotiation, and/or outstanding service within and for the GDN Section. The nomination letter should not exceed two pages in length and should be submitted to the Section Award Committee Chair (see below) prior to the nomination deadline. The letter should be in a suitable electronic form, for example, pdf, and should be received on or before February 25, 2020.

Nomination letters should be sent to Adiel Teixeira de Almeida at: almeida@cdsid.org.br

The GDN Section Award Committee

Adiel Teixeira de Almeida (Chair)

Pascale Zarate

Tung Bui





 The 2020 INFORMS GDN Section Award is conferred upon Liping Fang to honor his outstanding contributions to the field of group decision and negotiation. Dr. Fang’s impressive GDN research includes the development of the graph model for conflict resolution methodology and associated decision support systems to model and analyze decision situations involving two or more decision makers, each of whom can have multiple objectives. Another equally notable research contribution is the cooperative water allocation model for allocating water among competing users in river basins equitably, efficiently, and sustainably. Dr. Fang’s applications of GDN techniques to environmental management problems are also highly respected. His significant contributions to the GDN Section include General Chair of the 2009 INFORMS International Meeting, active participation in the organization of GDN 2020, GDN 2018 and other GDN conferences; member of best conference paper award selection committees; associate editor and guest editor of the GDN journal; and Vice-President for Membership and Publications of the Section. For all of his accomplishments, it is a pleasure to present the GDN Section Award to Liping Fang.