As one of the largest cities in the world, conference participants have to choose from a wide range of accommodation options.

This page introduces hotels by distance and rank for those who are considering staying in the vicinity of the university.

You can jump to the official reservation page of the hotel by clicking on the hotel name.

Below are two hotels within walking distance of the university and hotels located in stations that are easily accessible to the university’s nearest stations and suitable for sightseeing.

        Rakuten Travel

  • Additional Information

    There are 4 subway stations within walking distance of the campus, and if you were to find a place to stay on any of these subway lines, your commute would be very simple (no transfers required):

  • –    The Marunouchi subway line (Hongo-sanchome station)
  • –    The Toei Oedo subway line (Hongo-sanchome station)
  • –    The Namboku subway line (Todaimae station)
  • –    The Chiyoda subway line (Nezu station)