1) Conference paper Awards

A full-length paper accepted for GDN 2021 or GDN 2020 is eligible for consideration for the GDN 2021 Springer Best Paper Award and GDN 2021 Springer Best Student Paper Award (if other conditions are met) if the full-length paper is presented at GDN 2021. It is emphasized that in order for a full-length paper accepted for GDN 2021 or GDN 2020 to be eligible for the GDN 2021 Best Paper Awards, the paper is required to be presented at GDN 2021.

1.1) GDN Springer Best Student Paper

The GDN Springer Best Student Paper Awards is $300 and $200.

  • The author must not have completed the PhD
  • The young researcher must be the first author of the paper, the supervisor can be co-author
  • The paper must be presented by the young researcher at the conference
  • It must be submitted as a full paper, not an abstract or extended abstract

 Award Recipients:


Name (University, Paper)

2020 and 2021

Best Paper:
Smart contracts efficiency in consumer and supplier relationship
Elmira Mohammadhosseini Fadafan
– Survey-Based Multi-Stakeholder Preference Elicitation with Relatively Incomplete and Possibly Disjoint Rank Orderings
Andreas Paulsson and Aron Larsson
– PredictRV: A Prediction Based Strategy for Negotiations with Dynamically Changing Reservation Value
Aditya Srinivas Gear, Kritika Prakash, Nonidh Singh and Praveen Paruchuri


1.2) GDN Springer Best Paper

The GDN Springer Best Paper Awards is $600 and $400.

 Selected papers are expected to be submitted to the INFORMS “Group Decision and Negotiation Journal” published by Springer (GDN journal).


Award Recipient:



2020 and 2021

Social Ranking Problem Based on Rankings of Restricted Coalitions
Takahiro Suzuki and Masahide Horita


2) Society Award – Group Decision and Negotiation Section Award


The GDN INFORMS Section Award honors an individual who has made outstanding contributions to research in the field of Group Decision and Negotiation and/or outstanding contributions to the GDN Section. The contributions justifying the award may be recent or they may have been made over the recipient’s lifetime.  The Award will be accompanied by a Citation, to be prepared by the Section Award Committee, describing the recipient’s contributions to Group Decision and Negotiation. The previous recipients of this Award can be seen in this link (GDN Award Recipients).


2021 GDN Section Award Recipient:



Professor Raimo P. Hämäläinen has made outstanding contributions to the field of Group Decision and Negotiation (GDN), while being an internationally acknowledged researcher in a number of related fields, including multicriteria decision making, environmental modelling, systems thinking and behavioral operations research. His theoretical work includes imprecise and interval approaches in multicriteria models as well as game theoretic methods for negotiation processes. His research has led to the development of noted decision support systems: web-HIPRE for multicriteria analysis, JOINT-GAINS for negotiation support and OPINIONS-ONLINE for opinion surveys and group voting. Professor Hämäläinen has successfully applied his theories and models to a number of high-impact problems, notably, in energy policy, environmental planning and nuclear emergency management. A prolific author, Professor Hämäläinen has been on the editorial board of the GDN journal, first as an associate editor and currently a departmental editor in the area of Behavior, Modeling and Group Interaction. He has been a steady participant in, and a sustained contributor to, the INFORMS-GDN conferences. 


3) Gregory Kersten GDN Journal Best Paper Award

To commemorate the late Gregory Kersten, Section President and Editor in Chief of the GDN Journal, the informs Section on Group Decision and Negotiation establishes the annual “Gregory Kersten GDN Journal Best Paper Award” for outstanding papers published in the GDN journal


2021 Gregory Kersten GDN Journal Best Paper Award Recipient

Geiger, Ingmar. From Letter to Twitter: A Systematic Review of Communication Media in Negotiation. Group Decision and Negotiation, v.29, 227-250 (2020).

Full list of GDN INFORMS Section Award Recipients